Floating World?

The Floating World is a digital media company based in Milwaukee, WI that specializes in designing, developing, and ranking successful websites and creating the visuals that make them standout from the competition.


Left unfulfilled by every job I’ve ever had, I started The Floating World as a way to bridge the disconnect that existed between my personal interests and professional career.

With proven soft skills and a background in customer service, I take pride in the way I connect with my clients. 

And it doesn’t hurt that I’m genuinely excited about doing the work.

Any Questions?


Oh, and for those of you who might be interested: The Floating World is also the setting for my favorite genre of art – ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world) – which is the inspiration for the name. 

If you want to know why I chose it, you’re going to have to schedule a niche art history, etymology, and translation lecture with me where I will certainly disappoint the professors from which I learned. This can be done through my contact page 😎

Personal work

When I’m not working hard to make my clients succeed, I often spend time pursuing my own creative expression. Please explore some of my personal favorite images and projects below.